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Start The New Year Off Right

New Year resolutions send droves of healthy body-sculptors back into the gym in January to begin tackling new health and fitness goals.

Many times, the first three weeks of a new fitness routine are filled with overtraining and enthusiasm, as the body begins to be overtrained, pain, fatigue, and disenchantment sets in,and the new fitness goals fall by the wasteside.

An optimal exercise plan will support your personal goals by incorporating a balanced set of fitness activities into a regular, workable schedule. In principle, the concept of evenly spaced aerobic and anaerobic training sessions is a simple one, although in practice such workouts demand planning and commitment.

There are several tips to remember when returning to a workout routine. One important rule to remember when getting back into the gym is form. Weather due to time limitations or lack of concentration, workout devotees often disregard body form. Poor form, especially during resistance training, not only promotes injury it decreases effectiveness. In other words, done incorrectly, exercise will add little to your goals and a lot of pain.Take the time necessary to do an exercise properly, the short and long term benefits are worth the extended effort.

Considering the careful attention that goes into creating a fitness program, it seems only logical to also exercise careful execution and evaluation. In the end, you'll be getting the best out of your workout, rather than letting it get the best of you.

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