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H2O to Improve Your Health

Keeping Hydrated is the key to better health and a strong body, but sometimes drinking enough water can get boring. Now that's changing - bottled water isn't what it used to be. Nature's drink has been supplemented with colors, flavors, sweeteners, vitamins, herbs, caffeine, oxygen and even soluble fiber. Apparently these new enhanced waters are working for consumers; bottled water was the number two beverage sold in the United States last year (number 1 is beer).

The average water consumption of Americans is pretty pathetic, so we should be please that more people are drinking water, no matter what the additives are. When surveyed, only 34% of the U.S. population claims to drink the recommended eight or more servings of water per day. Twenty-eight percent drink three or fewer servings, and nearly 10% say they don't drink water at all.

If you've tried some of the new enhanced waters, you know that they are a refreshing change. And they often contain nutrients that are not otherwise included in your diet. But remember that your body still needs lots of plain old water, especially if your other beverages contain caffeine. Most nutritionists agree that drinking enhanced waters is better than downing sodas. Bottled waters with enhancements are definitely a step up; I'm not going to argue with that. But I still recommend that my clients drink plenty of plain water.

It's always important to understand what you're putting into your body, so be sure to read the labels carefully the next time you find yourself looking for water. That way you can tailor your intake to your specific health and activity needs. With all the choices on the market, it should be easy.

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