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Defy the Holiday Blues (Part one of a two-part series)

The holidays are a season that rich with tradition: roasting turkeys, wrapping presents and putting on an unwanted 5 pounds of fat. With all the extra parties and merry-making that come with the season, many of us can gain a pound for every night of Hanukkah.

This extra fat is a welcome as a lump of coal in your stocking, especially when you consider that these pounds don't come with a gift receipt. Research shows that even with the best intentioned of New Year's resolutions, very few people lose as much as they gain. Over the years, these holiday pounds can add up.

It happens every year, so people feel it's inevitable. But placing holiday poundage in the same category as death and taxes may be too defeatist. All you need is some mental fortitude, a little bit of planning and a few simple strategies to have a lean, clean holiday season.

While your schedule is probably jammed, a good workout can help alleviate holiday-related depression, anxiety and stress, and simultaneously counteract dietary extravagances. Even so, remember that the holidays are not the time to lose weight. Your goal with the holiday workouts is to avoid going backward, you want to maintain what lean mass you have and avoid gaining body fat. You accomplish this, you must think of working out as a responsibility, like shopping, cooking, or calling your parents.

In the second part of "Defy the Holiday Blues" I will give you helpful tips on avoiding gaining weight in the New Year.

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