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A Quick Workout During the Holidays

During the holiday season it can be difficult to find time to squeeze in a workout. There are a few simple exercises that you can sneak into your daily routine to help you maintain your physique during this glorious time of year.

Running Stairs up, or up and down stadium bleachers, has been popular for years, at least among coaches ready to inflict some hardcore cardiovascular benefits on their athletes. It can be used to build strength in the legs and as an anaerobic training tool. Keep in mind, that running stairs is primarily a strength-building tool. So opt for the stairs not the elevator while shopping.

Medicine Balls can also help keep your fitness routine on-track this holiday season. Some classic drills with medicine balls include the push pass, performed like a chest press, the pullover pass, the side throw, passing the ball in an underhand motion from either side, and the seated twist. These simple exercises can be done with a co-worker at the office or with family while sitting around watching television.

Push-ups – One reason to keep doing push-ups is that they’re a great way to strengthen the triceps, chest and the front of the shoulders. To get the most out of this simple move, keep your back straight and lower your body in a controlled motion until the chest comes within a few inches or actually lightly touches the floor. The hands should be shoulder-width or slightly wider apart and directly below the shoulders. The wider the hands, the greater the involvement of the triceps.

These simple techniques can help you maintain your routine while still having time to enjoy all the holiday festivities. Happy Holidays!

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