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Wrap it Up for the Holidays

They're trendy, creative and can be found on menus from delicatessens to upscale gourmet eateries. They're as fun to make as they are to eat. And since you make the call on the ingredients, they are a great way to add a little variety into an otherwise dull diet regime. Plus, wraps can make healthy holiday eating simple.

If the wrap idea seems new to you, think again. The concept of wrapping food has been around for centuries. Consider Greek gyros, Italian calzones, French crepes, Japanese sushi or Mexican burritos… each one is a type of wrap. The possibilities are endless and fit very nicely into a body-sculptors meal plan.

Wraps are also easy and quick, perfect for the body-sculptor who does not have enough hours in the day. By keeping a few low-fat and nutritious staples in your fridge or freezer, or on your shelves, you can have a very healthful meal when you're dashing between holiday festivities. You can prepare several wraps at one time, put them in plastic and freeze them. You can take them with you and "nuke" them as your schedule permits – you may even want to take them to the office to help you control eating all those holiday sweets that appear in the office break-room this time of year.

I keep whole wheat and corn tortillas and fat-free shredded potatoes in my freezer, chicken, turkey, eggs and vegetables in the fridge, and tuna, canned tomatoes and salsa on my shelves. After a workout, one of my favorite meals is egg whites scrambled with vegetables, fat-free shredded potatoes cooked in Pam and a slice or two of low-fat ham wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

As you can see, it's so easy you have no excuse not to try your hand at making wraps. Take a little time to eat healthy and enjoy your holidays!

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