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Are You Really Hungry?

Most of us know by now what we should be eating and do a pretty good job of it - most of the time. When do many well-intentioned body sculptors typically fail on their diets? When they're really hungry!

If you're dieting to achieve a lean physique, you must balance calorie restriction with increased physical activity to create a caloric deficit. That is, you need to burn more calories than you consume. But if you're taking in fewer calories over an extended period, you tend to get hungry as your body fights against a re-adjustment of your bodyweight's "setpoint" and tries to persuade you to eat more.

One way to cope with extreme dieting in part is by eating more often. The so-called normal eating pattern we all grew up with is to eat three meals a day. Compare that to the dedicated body sculptor, who eats every 2-3 hours or so. Eating every 2-3 hours can lead to several benefits:

* When you eat more often, your blood sugar level tends to stabilize, which means you're less likely to experience severe hunger.

* The body can use only so many nutrients and calories at one time. Eating larger meals less often, the opposite of what we want to do, means a larger proportion of your food intake can become stored as bodyfat.

* The longer you wait between meals, the more likely you are to overeat at your next meal, again prompting your body to store more bodyfat.

Eating lots of small meals and healthy snacks and eating something early and then something light in the day, are all methods you can use to successfully "spoil your appetite" and achieve fat loss success.

Rick Gusler is a certified personal trainer and diet nutritionist who serves his clients through Gusler Body Sculpting Fitness Center in central Denver. To schedule a free consultation, or to learn more about the Gusler method of body sculpting, spin yoga, or Rick's Boot Camp, please contact him at 303.860.7131 or online at

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