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Working Hard in Your Workout

You know when you have had a great workout. It is the one where you have a great sense of accomplishment and finish exhausted and energized for the next. These are the workouts that help your body the most and are the most focused on building muscle. I have put together a few tips to help you keep your focus, and prepare you for great workouts every time you enter the gym.

First, once you have set-up your weights and positioned yourself, take a moment and visualize what it is that you want to do. Visualize your form and the proper mechanics of the exercise. Think about the timing of each repetition, the lift and decline. As the exercise progresses, think of how you will motivate yourself to get that final repetition in – when you know it is going to be difficult to push-it-out. Finally, think out the physical sensation that your muscles will have once you have completed the set. These mental exercises will help you achieve great form and productive exercises that will help your muscles grow even further.

Next, use every good tool available to do the job, including machines. I like to use a combination of machines and free weights in my training programs for clients - it keeps their minds active and allows them training variety.

Machines give you more control, allowing you to isolate and target individual muscles. With free weights you are bringing in more supportive muscles to assist with the balance and control. So if you are working your chest muscles I often use two free weight exercises and two machine exercises. This combo seems to accelerate the desired result that my clients are looking to achieve.

I have found that a focused workout that includes a variety of exercises are the workouts that usually get done!

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