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Two Great Ways to Burn Calories

With the great Colorado summer weather, getting outside and exercising is a great way to burn calories and enjoy Colorado's sunshine. So get out and enjoy exercising with friends by playing a little basketball. However, if your schedule does not permit an organized game, here is a drill to keep you running and burning those calories.

With a half basketball court worth of space, start at the free-throw line and shoot. If you make the basket advance to the next position on the court, and work your way around the court. If you miss a shot, immediately proceed to the free-throw line and run in for a 'lay-up' shot before you return to the last missed position. This provides you with bursts of exercise and simulates interval training. Play a game of 'Around the World' and work towards making all 12 shots.

For those of you who like interval training, I have put together a few exercises that boxers use to remain in top condition. First, skip rope. Using a heavy skip rope (2 – 3 pounds) hold each handle, swing the rope over your head and jump as it comes to your feet in front of you. Use various patterns of jumping variety – both legs, one leg, alternating and running patterns. Try to work your way up to 50 jumps.

Next, grab two dumbbells in each hand (5 – 10 pounds) and stand in a staggered stance. Holding the dumbbells in your hands, punch straight forward in an alternating fashion. These punches should not be full force, and don't snap out your elbows. Try to complete 20 of these straight punches.

Finally, try to complete 10 squat-thrust jumps. With your arms down at your sides, squat down until your hands touch the ground. Thrust your feet back into the 'up' portion of a push-up position. next, quickly come back into the squat position and jump up.

Interval training can be fun, quick, and burn hundreds of calories – plus what a great way to enjoy Colorado's great outdoors this summer.

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