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Workout Role Models

Want to build a bigger, better physique? Few would question that adopting a positive mind-set needs to be at the top of your list, and role models can help - whether you want to overcome bad habits and adopt new ones, or just need a little inspiration to go that extra mile toward achieving your goals. The positive thoughts they engage can replace the doubts and negative self-talk that otherwise can hold you back.

Role models can be inspiring - pick some aspect of another, something that resonates with or feels right to you - and focus on that instead of the whole person. It is great to admire the whole person, but you must be realistic and focus on what specific aspects of your role model that you wish to emulate. Focus on the areas where you want to improve your body. For example, if you admire The Rocks chest, remember that he works out for several hours each day; has personal trainers, and nutritionists. Instead, focus on some of the exercises he performs, some of his nutritional habits, and adapt your own workouts to enhance your chest. You are not trying to look like your role model, rather you are emulating their good body sculpting habits to enhance your physique.

Remember that healthy role models are balanced in all aspects of their life - work, play, mental health, family, and nutrition. Looks can sometimes be deceiving. Magazines often show images of models, body sculptors and individuals who's occupation is to work out every day for several hours, have intense beauty regiments, and often their photographs have been touched-up. Find a role model who is a friend, work out buddy, or trainer that is ever-present. This will allow you to have one-on-one conversations to help you discover their unique balance to life.

Pick and choose those aspects of several different role models that fit your hopes and aspirations. It is a great way to stay motivated, make good friends, and develop good physical and mental health.

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