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Sleep for a Better Wellness During the Holidays

A recent survey of the The National Sleep Foundation's foundation found that 60% of American men have a sleep problem. If you need an alarm clock to wake up or you sleep longer on the weekends, then you are sleep-deprived. The average requirement is seven to eight hours a night - some men need less, some more, whatever it takes to feel rested in the daytime.

When we close our eyes and drift off, we fall into about five 90-minute cycles of slumber, each with four stages of increasingly deeper sleep. Each cycle ends with a state of rapid eye movement (REM), when we dream the most.

Below are five ways to help you sleep. Tonight, you can try one or more of these five tips to improve your sleep.

Keep a Schedule - Choose the same times for going to bed and especially, getting up to maintain a regular circadian rhythm.

Watch Your Diet - Avoid large meals, alcohol and caffeine at least three hours before bed (a light, low-calorie, protein rich snack is fine).

Wind Down - Perform relaxing activities, such as yoga or meditation. Before bed, take a hot bath or shower. Avoid television, reading, and computer use.

Avoid Stress - Don't overwork, and seek people and activities that support your values and interests.

Keep Moving - Exercise performed during the day or early evening encourages deep sleep, which promotes the release of growth hormone. But, too much activity late at night can interfere with sleep.

Sleep is so important especially when you are busy with the hectic pace of the holidays.

Sweet dreams and Happy Holidays!

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