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A Fun Way to Burn Calories!

Being creative with your workouts will keep you motivated and excited to exercise. With Spring weather upon us, I encourage my clients to take part of their workout outside and enjoy the fresh air and the natural surroundings.
One of the reasons athletes have toned bodies is that training causes them to exercise and burn calories. We will take their lead and training tips and move our cardiovascular exercise outside this month.

So grab a buddy, football, and head out to an open grassy area in a nearby park. Football players do drills to make sure they stay in-shape during the off season - you can too. This drill is basic, but fun and effective: one person serves as the quarterback while the other runs a variety of common patterns. If you're both doing cardio, think of the quarterback position as your active rest position.

Here's the drill: Run 4-6 run-and-catch patterns, each time starting from the middle of the field. You or your quarterback will stand and throw the ball after the hike... hike!

Each time you successfully catch the ball, jog back to the center of the field, toss the ball back to your quarterback and run another pattern pass. Each time you miss, grab the ball, jog back and repeat the missed pass. The goal is to finish several patterns (you can make them up) without missing a pass. Enjoy the sun and fun of tossing the olde-pigskin around.

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