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Stuck on a Bodyfat Plateau?

Many of my clients come to me in search of nutritional advice. They have been dieting and often have a difficult time reaching their goal weight. In this article, I thought I would share with you a story and some advice.

My client, John, put himself on a diet four months ago and stuck to it fairly well. However, his body has stopped changing. He wanted to lose a little more fat so he could see his abs and look more muscular. He was unsure if he should continue to stick to his diet, increase his cardio, or a combination of the two ideas.

First, we look at his diet and the amount of cardiovascular he was doing. It is always a good practice to take a multivitamin for maximum cell regeneration, and keep in mind that your diet should consist of adequate complex carbohydrates, protein, and unsaturated fat. A great rule of thumb is to try to consume 1-15 grams of both carbohydrates and protein per pound of body-weight per day. Your fat intake should come mainly from unsaturated sources. All of this should be divided into six meals throughout the day.

As your body becomes smaller it requires fewer calories to maintain it. To continue to lose weight you may need to make further adjustments in calories and/or exercise. Examine your alcohol intake and portion sizes to find any hidden sources of calories. Also, four months is way too long to remain on the same diet. I'm always for throwing a wrench in the system - change things up by varying your food choices. For example, if you've been eating lots of chicken and beef, you might want to try fish and turkey for a while.

Last but not least, drink plenty of water. Water is the most abundant substance in your body making up approximately 70% of your total bodyweight. Drinking at least a gallon per day will allow adequate “flushing” of waste products from your body and help to replenish fluids lost during exercise.

In regards to cardiovascular training, approximately 30-45 minutes at least five days a week is a good amount. During cardio sessions, make sure you keep your heart rate between 60% and 90% of your maximum fat burning rate. It is possible to do too much cardio. It is important to give your body enough time to rest and recuperate.

Finally, review your resistance training. Training with weights boosts your metabolism and helps you achieve that lean, muscular look.

You always want to shock your system. Vary your workouts and your cardiovascular exercises. If you're used to doing cardio after work, try doing it in the morning on an empty stomach for a couple of days.

The key is to listen to your body. Make an effort to balance adequate nutrition with hydration, training and rest.

Rick Gusler is a certified personal trainer and diet nutritionist who serves his clients through Gusler Body Sculpting Fitness Center in central Denver. To schedule a free consultation, or to learn more about the Gusler method of body sculpting, spin yoga, or Rick's Boot Camp, please contact him at 303.860.7131 or online at

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