Personal Trainer, Boot Camps, and Weight Loss Training in Denver

One of Denver's most well known personal trainers, Rick Gusler has more than 20 years of experience training hundreds of Coloradans. Rick's triple punch technique incorporates cardiovascular training, nutritional counseling, and weight training. This proven winning combination has won Rick numerous awards for training in the Denver-Metro area. Gusler Body Sculpting Fitness Center provides private, one-on-one workouts for complete wellness with an expert personal trainer. If you're looking to shed pounds or just an opportunity to become healthier then contact us today.

Nutrition is an integral part of any fitness routine. As a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Rick is able to work with his clients to modify and change their diets to achieve their wellness goals. Proper nutrition helps clients with losing a few pounds, muscle growth, and toning. Rick draws on his more than 20 years of experience to help provide solid nutritional counseling to his Denver clients.

Gusler Body Sculpting Fitness Center's Boot Camp focuses on weight loss, proper nutrition, cardiovascular and weight training to get clients in tip-top shape in a short period of time. The program begins with a nutritional review, and cardiovascular training. Boot Camp trainees quickly work-up to a full fitness regime that incorporates weight training and diet modification, for a full intensive wellness program. It is a great jump-start to a healthier lifestyle.

Many individuals work toward weight loss with their personal trainers. Rick has more than 20 years of experience in helping his clients with their weight loss goals. Incorporating proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and weight training to help his clients lose weight, stay toned, and develop good eating habits. Rick puts his extensive experience to work for you. For many, weight loss helps define muscles and gives a pronounced physique. Whatever your fitness goals may be, our personal trainer can help you achieve them.

Cardiovascular training is important if you want to lose that spare tire. Rick pairs cardiovascular fitness with weight training to help his clients tone and sculpt their bodies. Gusler Body Sculpting Fitness Center has the latest up-to-date cardiovascular equipment to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Contact us today to discover an experienced and dedicated personal trainer in Denver, CO.

Mission Statement

"I am dedicated to providing quality sound exercise and nutritional training programs to my clients at a reasonable cost."
Rick Gusler

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